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… The search for Ghanafuo. part 1

Where is he/she? I asked and asked and asked again, but no one seems to know who he/she is or where he/she is. The other day I was in a taxi and the driver referred to him/her again. In fact it was just one of the numerous times he/she has been referred to in a conversion regarding the our mother land Ghana.

Instances when people refer to him/her:

  • He/she is the Ghanaian who does the wrong thing but is never found out e.g. throwing of refuse in gutters, drives carelessly on our roads, steals the countries money in the name of politics #GYEEDA.
  • He/she is the Ghanaian asked not to do anything untoward to put the peace of the nation in jeopardy. #Supreme Court nsem nsem.
  • He/she is the Ghanaian who cast ‘wrong’ ballot to bring to power that political party that is the cause of our problems.
  • It is only Ghanafuo who sits in a trotro waits for thirty minutes for the bus to be full, immediately the driver starts the trotro then he/she calls for plaintain chips seller 🙂
  • Bottom line he/she is the Ghanaian we cannot trust to do the right thing.

We are always quick to refer to him/her when we want someone to blame. He/she has become to us what Satan is to Christians, the cause of their problems.

Despite these characteristics of Ghanafuo, I think he/she has some pluses, indeed I think they outweigh the minuses stated above.

I’v been searching for Ghanafuo for a long time now. I have no clue where, when or how I’ll find him but I know “Insha Alla :)”. I shall find him/her some day soon.

Until then wait for the pluses of Ghanafuo in the The search for Ghanafuo part 2.

And so my search continues abated.


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